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ALIGN your People to the Goals of your Organization

At Mallard and Associates Ltd., based in Moncton, New Brunswick our main goal is to assist you in your efforts to align your people to the goals of your organization. We do this in many ways: Assessments; Coaching; Climate Surveys; Provision of Human Resource Services; Pre-screening and Interview Assistance; and Recruiting Assistance.

- Insightful tools such as proven Psychometric Assessments to help you gauge the behaviors and temperaments required for positions inside your organization as well as for pre-employment screening. We can also assist your organization to define and capture the key competencies you need your individuals to possess.

- People Resource Needs Assessments. Do you have the right people on the bus and in the right seats? Our tools and techniques can help you answer these important questions.  

- One on One Coaching of leaders in the organization to achieve maximum performance and a winning corporate culture through the demonstration of proven techniques.

- Climate Surveys - Take the pulse of your organization to identify opportunities for improvement. Show your employees that their opinions matter! 

- Internal Communication Tools - One of the leading causes of employee dissatisfaction is the feeling that they do not know what is going on inside of the organization. Let us show you ways to keep the members of your team feeling that they are part of the team! 

- Provision of professional Human Resource Services  - Many small to medium companies simply cannot afford to commit the resources required to have their own full time Human Resource Professional. ALIGN People Resources can provide many of the advantages at a fraction of the cost. 

- Assistance in Pre-Screening and Interviewing Candidates. Hiring the wrong candidate can cost your organization valuable time, money and result in lost sales and productivity. Greatly improve the odds of finding the right person the first time with our tools. We can even take care of the Pre-Screening and initial interviews for you. 

- An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Reduce injuries and costly liability claims in your Industrial or Transportation work environment.  Make a small investment upfront in pre-employment Physical Abilities Testing for labour intensive positions and Drug Screening for safety sensitive positions and reduce the chances of injury and financial losses while keeping your workplace as safe as possible.

- Career and Business Opportunities - We can assist you in your efforts to find the right people for the job or even a business opportunity for you. For
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- If you are an HR Professional and would like to find out more about joining our team, please submit your resume 
contact us at 506-854-7600.

Are you trying to balance running your business while trying to meet the human resource needs of your staff, without the benefit of a human resource professional? Don't go it alone, 
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